December 20

Even as an eager moviegoer, going to the cinema still makes an impression on me every single time. It just never seems to get old. The ritual of finding out about the film, everything from the cast, the director and the screenwriters is like the preparation for an event, like getting ready for a special occasion. You’ve got to pick your out fit, get ready and be prepared to embrace the experience (possibly with a bag of popcorn on your lap).

MASSIVE is a first-of-its-kind project globally. It was launched in August 2018 with the single purpose of championing British cinema to 16–24 year olds all across the UK, delivered by Ourscreen and Elevenfiftyfive with the support of the BFI and National Lottery.


As a 22-year-old student living in London, I’m aware of the challenge that young people can face when going to the cinema in the UK. Tickets are expensive and it can be tough to agree with your friends on which movie to see. Through a series of special screenings, advance previews and unique events, MASSIVE is trying to create a totally new, exciting cinema experience for young people.

I feel MASSIVE made a statement about intersectionality and inclusion. Both movies show a much needed diversity in the cast and the crew’s ethnicity, effectively applying the ‘Inclusion Rider’ provision designed to give equal opportunities to minorities in the cinema industry.


MASSIVE is supported by BBC1 and BBC1Xtra. You can find them on Instagram too @massivecinema which is a great way to find out about future screenings and events and have open conversations on the latest releases.


Alongside the special screenings, here at Two Igloos we’re doing our part. I have been working on the “MASSIVE CREW”, an ambassador program we created to capture feedback from young cinema-goers after each MASSIVE screening on our app Pulse, to continually improve the experience over time.


MASSIVE has the big ambition of becoming the go-to voice connecting young people to British cinema. There are so many great, unique British films and making it more accessible for young people to see them on the big screen means more people can enjoy amazing films and be inspired by homegrown talent.






















We got a chance to speak with David Kapur, Co-Founder of Elevenfiftyfive and Ourscreen to get his take on MASSIVE.


TI // How did you come up with the idea of a community of young moviegoers?


Well,the idea of creating the brand came first. It was an unusual thought but I wanted to give “cinema” a new way to talk to young people. There are lots of amazing things being done within the industry but I felt like I wasn’t seeing enough that simply shouted “come to the cinema with your mates, it’s really fun”. Taking the form of a brand just felt right for the intended audience and MASSIVE soon emerged. We can’t thank BFI and National Lottery enough for allowing us to do this.


TI // How do you select movies for screenings?


We have to watch lots of brilliant British films, which is great! We’re specifically looking for those titles which are both accessible and brave, so that they will be a great experience (especially with an audience and a big screen). There are no set rules — but original stories, amazing talent and banging soundtracks seem to be a theme already!


TI // How do you select movies for screenings?


I think MASSIVE could grow in so many directions in that time. But as long as we are still listening to young people, creating opportunity at every step and championing great experiences with friends… we’ll be pointing in the right direction!

Word by Elisa Muraro. She spoke to David in December 2018.